West Lothian Toy Appeal Needs Your Help

West Lothian Toy Appeal Needs Your Help


Last year, the West Lothian Toy Appeal distributed over 6,000 toys at Christmas, to children who otherwise, would have received no presents.

This year, local support agencies have already identified even more children who, without your help, will not receive a gift this Christmas.

All the monies raised and support provided, goes directly to children across West Lothian.

So please, if you can help - in any way - it would mean a lot. Even a small donation will help us buy new toys or, if you have new or good quality second hand toys, let us pass them on to a child in need.


What we need

From rattles, bath books and floor jigsaws for newborns, to new/unused make up, make up bags, gift sets, bath and body products and razors for teenagers, male and female.

We currently spend £5.00 per child but we want to raise that spend to a minimum of £10.00 per child - not a lot considering we can spend over £2.00 on a coffee. But to spend £10 per child means we have to raise at least £15,000.00.

You can make a donation by sending a cheque to the address below (payable to River Kids West Lothian Toy Appeal) or through:


Thank you.


West Lothian Toy Appeal

River Kids

4 Michaelson Square

Kirkton Campus


EH54 7DP